About Wildhorse Ranch Rescue (WHRR)
P.O. Box 3080 Gilbert, AZ 85299-3080 Phone (866) 926-8007  email info@whrr.org

Our Programs:

  • Equine Rescue – Wild Mustangs, All domestic equines, Retired US Forest Service Equines, US Cavalry Horses and any equine in need of help. 
  • HavasuPup – This program started in 2007. We rescue the unwanted puppies, dogs and kittens from Havasupai Grand Canyon,
  • HavasuHorse Rescue Program - As of Oct. 2014, we began taking horses and mules in need out of Havasupai. 
  • KittyCity consists of our cat sanctuary. All cats are spayed/neutered.


Wildhorse Ranch Rescue was started in 1995 by Kim Meagher (pronounced Marr), an employee of Intel Corporation.  She and her two young children, Nick and McKay,  accidentally found out about the plight of homeless horses in the United States. Once they knew that over 60,000 horses in this country are sent to horrible deaths each year, they knew they had to do something to help. They rescued horses privately from 1995 until 2000. But even with their efforts, they could not save very many horses. Kim applied for, and received non-profit status for Wildhorse Ranch Rescue (WHRR) and with the help of many people, WHRR has been able to help save many horses from death, abuse and neglect.

Wildhorse Ranch Rescue also takes in retired United States Government horses and mules from the Payson Forest Service, Alpine Forest Service and the United States Cavalry. WHRR provides an opportunity for these hardworking animals to live in peace and comfort in their golden years.

WHRR is a registered 501(c)3 organization with the Federal Government and in the State of Arizona. All donations are tax deductible as allowed by the IRS.

Accommodations at the ranch

Where did the name Mudpony come from?


Kim Meagher (pronounced Ma-her) - Founder and Chairman
Celeste Johnson - Kitty City Program Director and Vice Chair
Laurie Guenther - Herd Health Director/Officer - Secretary

Management Team

Sheyenne Dodds - Volunteer Manager
Open - Co-Volunteer Manager
Open - WHRR Admin
Donna Klingensmith - Equine Care Team Mgr
Marcie Franklin - Equine Care Team Co Mgr

Lori Murphy - Wild Horse Advocate and Herd Health Co-Mgr
Barbara Sullivan - Facebook Updates and Resident Photographer
Kimberlie LaMontine - Adoption Program Manager 
Open - Kitty City Co Manager 
Joe Guenther - IT Management
Emily Williams - Feed Supply Manager

Open - HavasuPup Program Admin 
Maria Morrow - In-Kind Donation Manager
Dave Klingensmith - Construction Manager
Debbie and Terry Ricketts - Grounds Managers
Kathy Andrysiak - Grooming Mgr
Drake Louks - Corporate Operations Manager

Advisory Board:

Dr. Tresha Robinson
Sandy Gennaro
Mel Shutz
Roger Cardillo
Rhona Melsky


McKay - Art and Logo Design
Nick Stabek - Events & Marketing



KDKB Interview with
Rhona Melsky and Kim Meagher of
Wildhorse Ranch Rescue

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  Wildhorse Ranch Rescue
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Mailing Address: PO Box 3080 Gilbert, AZ 85299-3080
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Phone: (866) 926-8007   info@whrr.org