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Nyx was rescued from the auction, on her way to slaughter. She had a colt on her side. We named him Romeo. Nyx's boy, Romeo, is currently in the Parelli Re-homing 4 Life Challenge and will be featured at Festival Magnifico in Texas May 2017. We are so proud of him, as Nyx's boy will be representing rescued horses at this beautiful event. 

Nyx requires an experienced handler as she has suffered severe abuse and neglect in her past. She and Romeo came to us with horrible, bloody wounds. She wants to trust and needs a patient handler that will be incredibly soft and gentle with her damaged soul.    Adopted 




Bewitching Star

Registered Thoroughbred Mare. She has had training but she would need refresher lessons, as it has been a while since she has been ridden. 

Adoption Fee $550.



Burros for Adoption

We have so many sweet burros up for adoption. 
These are companions only. 

They were rounded up by the Arizona Department of Agriculture for the crime of wandering in the wild desert, as a wild burros.  

Adoption Fee $200



Cindy Crawford

Donkey - female with a distinct "mole" on her face. 
This is Cindy Crawford and her newborn baby, Gem and Gem's MidWife, Lori Murphy. Gem has been adopted. 

Companion only, as Cindy Crawford was born in the wild and is very shy. She was rounded up by the Arizona Department of Agriculture for the crime of wandering in the wild desert, as a wild burro. 

Adoption Fee $200


Jack Bauer

Donkey - young fawn male

Companion only. Jack is a very curious boy, who has a big personality. Everyone who meets Jack, immediately falls in love with him. Come meet Jack, and fall in love with him too!

Adoption Fee $200


Miss Kitty

Donkey - dark grey female

Companion only. Miss Kitty is a shy girl who is the mother to Pixie, a burro who has been adopted by another one of our volunteers. Miss Kitty is not good with dogs.  

Adoption Fee $200


Harley - Retired United States Forest Service Horse

Quarter horse gelding who worked for our Federal Government and now 
is retired - that means no more work, no more riding.

Are you the person who can give this beautiful veteran a wonderful retirement?

Adoption Fee $550 




Both pictures on the Left and Right are of Max.






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