Report Animal Abuse

How to report Animal Abuse

Take all forms of abuse and neglect seriously. In the state of Arizona, intentional acts of animal cruelty is a felony. In Maricopa County report acts of animal cruelty to the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office or your local law enforcement agency.

In Maricopa County, call The Maricopa County Animal Cruelty Hotline
Hotline Number: (602) 876-1681

In other counties, please check with your local Law Enforcement Department (Police or Sheriff).

Animal Care and Control

AC&C receives over 600 calls from local citizens. From animal abuse, to animals hit by cars, to animals trapped in dangerous situations, our Officers rush to the rescue and save thousands of animals from suffering and neglect.

Some of the things our Officers do include:
. Enforcing animal control ordinances such as leash laws.
. Picking up stray dogs. (We don't pick up cats unless they have bitten a human being; however they can be brought into our Centers.)
. Removing dead animals from county roadways (via contracts).
. Responding to calls about dangerous dogs and dog bites.
. Rescuing injured animals and bringing them to our clinic for care.

If you see or suspect any of the following, please contact AC&C during our business hours at 602-506-PETS: stray animal, abandoned animal, animal neglect or cruelty, animal bite.

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