The Adventures of Patrick Swayze
Parade Rebel. Interstate Traveler. Dog.

(Pictures at the end.)

When MaryAnne and Lisa booked a vacation to New Orleans, the only Patrick in the picture was the Irish saint. But, when they happened upon one little dog in need, everything changed!

Lisa and MaryAnne said goodbye to their friends and left the parade and festivities a bit earlier than planned. Through a series of random events, that anyone involved in animal rescue is all too familiar with, they ended up taking in a stray in need. In this case, it was a young pitbull mix. Brindle and white and much too thin. He was dehydrated, hungry and in serious need of care. MaryAnne and Lisa immediately took control of the situation.

Flash forward a few days later: Due to their return trip, the ladies secured a space with the Louisiana SPCA for their new ward while they worked furiously (from Arizona!) with Kim at Wildhorse Ranch to find a longer-term solution for the dog. The LA-SPCA applied their special brand of care consisting of love, immediate medical attention and comfort. They lovingly monikered this cute pup "Patrick Swayze"!

Meanwhile, in Savannah, Georgia, McKay (Kim's daughter) and her boyfriend, Vincent, got a call from Kim explaining the situation. It was a question of whether or not they could, as the closest people to Patrick, geographically, make the trip to pick him up. They were able to negotiate a couple of days off of work to make the trip!

Back in New Orleans, the LA-SPCA veterinary team determined that Patrick is just one year old. He weighed 34 lbs. when he first arrived and put on two lbs. within the first week! He is now vaccinated for rabies, parvo and distemper and is neutered. The LA-SPCA did a phenomenal service for this dog, completely turning his life around.

Patrick, like a large number of dogs in hot, humid areas of the US, is heartworm positive. Heart worm is a condition caused by fleas and carried by mosquitos. The LA-SPCA immediately administered medicines that killed the larvae meaning his heartworm is noncommunicable (so he can share a space with other dogs). He will require a minimum of 6 months of active treatments followed by a lifetime of preventative care for this condition.

McKay and Vincent will continue to fatten this puppy up and help Wildhorse Ranch Rescue find him a forever-home as soon as possible. Your donations to Wildhorse Ranch Rescue will help the organization continue their HavasuPup program in Arizona, helping native dogs find loving homes.

Thank you to MaryAnne Majestic and Lisa for saving Patrick's life without ever thinking twice. Thank you to Kim Meagher of Wildhorse Ranch Rescue for orchestrating this from over 2,000 miles away. Thank you to the LA-SPCA for their wonderful care and for working with us to make this adoption possible and positive! And finally, Thank you to McKay and Vincent for taking 2 days out of their lives to travel 1400 miles round trip to help save Patrick and help him start a new life!


The look on his face says it all. This is one very happy and very lucky dog!




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