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 "You don't have to own a ranch to help a horse, you just have to own a heart."
                     _ Kim Meagher, Founder of Wildhorse Ranch Rescue

Pumpkin Kitty says - 
"You don't have to own a cat to help a cat, you just have to own a credit card. Meow!"   
Oh Pumpkin!

HavasuPup Supai Dog says -
"You don't have to own a Dog to help a Dog, you just have to own some dough! Woof Woof!   
Oh gosh, Supai Dog! 


Our Goal - 100 1derful Monthly Supporters

Our Current 1derful number

is 50 as of 11/04/2020

Wildhorse Ranch Rescue aka Wildhorse  is searching for 

100 Wonderful Monthly Supporters aka 1derful supporters

to sign up to help Wildhorse for $15 or more per month.

Sustaining supporters are the key to feeding our rescued animals each month,

because they eat every month. Well, they eat every day actually.

If you can become a 1derful supporter, please sign up. 

Truly, even just $15 per month will REALLY help feed an animal in need. 

If you can give more each month, please do.

Food and Veterinary Care are always the first priorities when rescuing animals in need. 

YOU can make a difference in the life of an animal that needs your help. 

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501(c)(3) charity
Mailing Address: PO Box 3080 Gilbert, AZ 85299-3080
Physical Address: 11811 S Lindsay Road Gilbert, AZ 85296
Phone: (866) 926-8007   info@whrr.org