How You Can Help
Please help us provide food and veterinary care for an animal in need.  Donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.

Please consider helping a less fortunate animal.
Thank you.


"Bale" a Horse Out  tm - a program where you can donate each month to help buy a Bale of Hay or more for our horses.
FYI...Hay in Arizona is very expensive. We pay on average $13.50 per bale. So every $10 donation really helps us out!

Painting of Laughing Dunny painted by Alicia Van Noy
Original picture of Laughing Dunny is by Joanne West of


Support Kitty City tm - a cat sanctuary at Wildhorse Ranch Rescue, where unadoptable cats are able to live out their lives in a peaceful ranch setting. All cats are spayed/neutered.

 Make a Donation

This page allows you to make a one time donation.

 Painting of Lady from Wildhorse Ranch Rescue by Alicia Van Noy

 Other ways that you can help......

This page lists many websites, affiliations and opportunities that allow you to buy fun things to help Wildhorse Ranch Rescue save more horses, mules, dogs and kitty cats.

 Image by 
Horses are from Wildhorse Ranch Rescue

 Donate to the Shirley Hall Emergency Medical Fund for Animals

 In Memory of Shirley Hall

 "Buy" your Favorite horse or mule or WHRR Logo Item

This page has a list of links to our online stores where you can buy products of your favorite rescue equine's image, or Kitty City and HavasuPup Logo items.

All proceeds go to provide food and vet care for animals in need.

 Wildhorse Ranch Wish List 



  • $1050 to pay our Kitty City (tm) Vet Bills
  •  Horse Feed ( Bermuda /alfalfa blend)
  • Senior Feed for our retired US Forest Service Equines
  •  Parelli Halters & Lead Ropes
  •  Scholarships for Parelli Training Clinics - $1500 to $15,000
  •  Land in Prescott for summering the horses
  •  More land in the Phoenix area (we have 1.2 acres and are running out of room)
  •  Stall covers for two stalls
  •  Arena covers for side corral
  •  Wash rack
  • 10’x12’ shed for tack and supplies
  •  Mucking rakes
  •  Fly Spray
  • 1 Million Gazillion dollars....boohaa haa haa! Hey, we really do wish we had this. Think of all the horses we could save then!
    Image of Laughing Dunny, a Wildhorse Ranch Horse by



Help Support Wildhorse Ranch Rescue by shopping at Fry's! 

To get started, sign up with your V.I.P Card, and select a local organization you wish to support. Once you're enrolled, you'll earn rewards for your chosen organization every time you shop and use your V.I.P Card!

Click on the link below to sign up. You may search for Wildhorse Ranch Rescue by our name or by our Fry's Code - Wildhorse Ranch Rescue code BQ837

Fry's Link




Support our HavasuPup Program and help save
the Grand Canyon Hiking Dogs

We also assist with kitties, horses and livestock in Havasupai. Your support will help make the lives of the animals in the Grand Canyon better.


Designate your United Way Donations to Wildhorse Ranch Rescue by writing in our organization's name and code on your donation card
Our United Way Code is 1747


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