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The Story of Baby Ash
With an incredible team of Gray Mountain Horse Heroes, Baby Ash, a sick and orphaned wild Baby Horse, made it to our veterinary clinic on 7/7/2023. He was there through 7/18/2023. He is now at our ranch and under constant care of Dr. Robinson, Laurie Guenther - Herd Health Director, and our Foal Club Team. He is still on meds 3 x per day and is in quarantine at this time. Our Foal Club volunteers check on him every 4 hours and he has his Teddy Bear thanks to a very kind donor.



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We are so fortunate to have Navajo members who work tireless hours every day in the summer heat for no pay to deliver life-saving water for the wild Gray Mountain herds. They also spend days on their own doing Search and Rescue to capture and save abandoned and injured baby horses who would otherwise die without help. They keep them safe and feed them milk, while we make the 3 ½ hour trip to get them and the 3 ½ trip back to our Veterinary Clinic. Sometimes these trips go far past midnight. Our Navajo friends always kneel and give the baby horse a blessing in our trailer. We are fortunate to call them our family.

RayPaul was an abandoned and injured baby horse at Gray Mountain.
He was born on 6/2/2023. He’s a baby!



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