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Horses Needing Homes

What to Do if Your Horse Needs a Home

Chances are if you contact a legitimate rescue organization and ask if they can take in your horse, you will find that they are at maximum capacity and have a very long waiting list. Horse rescues have the unpleasant job of turning away horses in need every single week.

Search for a list of Horse Rescues in your State at this link: A Home for Every Horse

Here are some ideas to help you find a safe home for an equine that you can no longer keep:


You must be very careful to screen any interested parties. There are a lot of people who prey on desperate owners trying to re-home their horse, when these people are really traders or slaughter buyers looking to make money by selling your horse for meat prices. If your horse ends up in their hands, your horse will suffer a brutal and terrifying death.

Humane options for unwanted horses include selling, sending to a rescue, or euthanizing. Euthanasia is humane when done by a veterinarian and is a better alternative than neglect, prolonged suffering, or being slaughtered.


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