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Adoptable Kitties

Adoptable Kitties 


If you would like to adopt a kitty from Kitty City, please fill out this Adoption Application 

Once you submit your app, we'll check your references and then set up an appointment for you to visit Kitty City.
Adoption Fee is $85. All Kitties are spayed/neutered.

Celeste – 4-year-old female:

Female “tuxedo” who is petite and sweet. This girl loves to give head bumps. She loves shreds for breakfast and to lay in the sun after she eats. She also loves to sit and watch the birds and makes cute chirping noises at them. She gets along well with other kitties and loves to cuddle up with a select few. 

Chloe – 4-year-old female:

Miss Chloe is cute, feisty and playful! She loves to play with mouse toys, chase strings, and watch the birds. She gets along with other kitties but likes to run the show!

Malcolm & Mr. T

Malcolm and Mr. T make up our Bundle of Joy.  These male kitties were part of our Kit10 Project.  We rescued these boys late last year when they were just weeks old. They are bonded brothers who need a home together.  These kitties will bring laughter and enjoyment to your home while they play with each other, their toys, and keep their humans on their toes.  Their eyes just sparkle as they explore and exercise.


Adoption fee is $85 per Kitty. 

Houdini (Dini) – 5-year-old female:

Houdini is a “tortoise shell” that is sweet and shy but loves soft pets. She enjoys a quiet spot to sleep when all the other kitties are getting too crazy. Dini is good with other kitties but usually hangs by herself. A quiet more relaxed home would be ideal.

Kitten Caboodle – 3-year-old male:

This grey and white sweetheart named Kitten is playful and full of energy. He loves to run through the crash tunnels and chase laser pointers. He gets along well with other cats and would do well in a fun and busy home.


Riley – 9-year-old female:

Riley is a large fluffy “dilute tortie” with lots of sass. Her favorite things are soft food for breakfast followed by a nap in the morning sun. She loves to play in the crash tunnels and have cat nip on her mousies. Riley gets along with other cats but usually hangs alone. This beautiful girl would do well in a relaxed home with an adult family.




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