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Adoptable Kitties

Adoptable Kitties 


If you would like to adopt a kitty from our Kitty City Program, please fill out this Adoption Application 

Once you submit your app, we'll check your references and then set up an appointment for you to visit Kitty City.
Adoption Fee is $85. All Kitties are spayed/neutered.

Requirements for adoption are that kitty will be an indoor only kitty. No going outside where danger is. Kitty will not be de-clawed, a very painful and cruel practice.





Jack was born December 12, 2014.  Jack accepts all the attention given him and especially loves his tummy rubbed.  Jack lets you know when his food dish needs to be filled by expressing the situation with a special voice.  He observes the world from high places and explores until he finds his special place to nap and eat.  He also loves a special condo to nap in.  Jack is used to children and big dogs and is used to being part of a family.   


Cricket is a one year old female who has so much love to share with a forever home.  She loves to be with people and the other kitties.  Cricket is very curious and wants to be involved with projects and activities.  She is also a foodie.  She has adapted well to our Rescue. 


Nova Valentine is a petite kitty with many talents.  She can balance herself on the top of a door!  The volunteers are greeted with her cute voice when they come to volunteer.  She loves attention, but, pets are on her own time. She needs to be an only kitty in a home where she gets lots of attention.
Nova Valentine's Birth Year is 2017.


Celeste has wonderful energy.  She looks right in your face and lets you know when she is hungry.  She hangs out with other kitties and prefers high places.  Celeste is a very observant 6 year old kitty.  You can’t miss her cute whiskers. Born in 2016. 


Creature may be 18 years old; but, he keeps up with the younger ones.  It would be great if he could have a home where he could happily spend the rest of his life.  Creature loves watching the birds outside Kitty City with his older and younger friends.  He hangs out by the door so the volunteers will greet him.
Creature's Birth Year is 2004.

Squeaky - We were told Squeaky made a sound when he entered Kitty City.  It took several months to actually experience the cutest and funniest squeak.  He is a loving kitty, but, when food is served that is the priority over human attention.  We love to see his ears sticking out of his bed on top of one a high condo. He and his brother Bubba must be adopted together.  
Squeaky's Birth Year is 2015.

Peter Pajama Pants - PJ

He is a big boy of 10 years.  He has had lots of adventures in his younger days and now he is enjoying the comforts of life in Kitty City.  He will jump in your lap and enjoys being brushed.  He is an upside down sound sleeper which amuses all of us when we try to clean around him. 
PJ's birth year is 2012.

Boots is a stately boy who goes with the flow in Kitty City. Boots is quiet but maneuvers his way through the routines with the other kitties. He chooses numerous places to hang out and is happy in the company of others. Our 9 year old boy has a unique white spot on the end of his tail.
Boots' birthyear is 2013.

Bella is a sweet, petite, fluffy kitty of 9 years.  Her favorite pastimes are eating and getting pets from our volunteers.  She gets along well with other kitties and is extremely gentle. Her sweet face would captivate any heart. Birth year 2013.



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