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Available Equines


If you are interested in adopting an Equine from Wildhorse Ranch Rescue, please fill out the Adoption Application. If you have a specific equine in mind, you may enter that information when you submit your application. 


Carinna and Baby Ivy 

Baby Ivy is available for adoption. She has bonded with her surrogate Momma, Carinna. We would love to see them adopted together. Carinna is a registered Arabian born 4/19/2002. She is blind in her left eye from an injury that happened when she was very young, before she came to our ranch. She has always wanted a baby and now she has Baby Ivy. Carinna is taking great care of her new baby. Baby Ivy was born on 6/13/2024 in the wild. She had an infection which has now resolved with veterinary care and medication. She cannot be turned back out to the wild. She would not survive. If you would like to meet Carinna and Baby Ivy, please email us a info@whrr.org or fill out an Adoption Application. Application
Adoption Fee for this beautiful pair is $1500

Baby Ace and Baby Maverick

We have two wild baby horses available for adoption. They are both at The Hill's Ranch in Flagstaff, AZ. 
Baby Ace was attacked by wild dogs as a newborn. 
Baby Maverick was bitten by a rattlesnake on his front left leg. 

Both boys are doing great! 

Baby Summer has an adoption application pending.  

Adoption Fee for each baby is $550. 
Here is a link to a fun video of Summer and Ace. 



Frankie Blue Eyes Casper and Joe

Perlino geldings. Frankie was born in 2019 and Joe was born in 2020. Due to their skin, these boys need to be in the shade during the day. 

Adoption Fee for this beautiful pair is $1100.



Baby Ash  ~ Adopted!

Orphaned, Wild Baby Horse
Colt ~ Approximate birth month April 2023
Gray Mountain Baby Horse

Ash is a super sweet boy. He's very mellow and loves to follow his person. He is small for his age. Here is a video of him with Jen Foster, one of our managers. 


Adoption Fee $550.


RayPaul  Adopted!

Orphaned, Wild Baby Horse

Colt ~ Approximate birthdate June 2, 2023.
Gray Mountain Baby Horse

RayPaul is a very spunky and athletic boy. Here is a YouTube clip of him having fun in the round pen. 


Adoption Fee $550.

Penny Mahogany Bay ~ ADOPTED!


Penny Mahogany is a young wild mare we rescued from auction in 2018. Her mother is Lyra/Lira. She has some ground work and she is a confident mare. She would require an experienced Natural Horsemanship Handler or an adopter with a Natural Horsemanship trainer.



Penny has an inverted spine. She is very healthy and sassy otherwise. We want to do X-Rays to determine if she is able to take a light rider with proper pads and a light saddle. If not, she will be available as a companion horse only. Stay tuned. 

Adoption Fee $550.









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