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If you are interested in adopting an Equine from Wildhorse Ranch Rescue, please fill out the Adoption Application. If you have a specific equine in mind, you may enter that information when you submit your application. 


Gee Gee Digger- Retired Harness Racing Champion

World Record Holder - Harness Racing Champion 1996
Born in 1993

Retired. Companion Horse only. 
Adoption Fee $750


Dewey - Former Race Horse - Racing name "Sweet Baby James"

Racing accident rendered him blind. He could be ridden by a person who is willing to retrain him from being a race horse to a trail horse and has experience or a trainer who knows how to train blind horses. He is completely healthy and young. Dewey came to us originally as "Horse with No Name," so we named him Dewey, after Dewey Bunnell of the band, America, who wrote that song. Later we learned that his racing name was "Sweet Baby James," a tribute to James Taylor. Dewey Bunnell and his wife Penny, visited our ranch and met Dewey Horse. 

Dewey Horse's birth year is 2016.

Adoption fee $550



Frankie Blue Eyes Casper and Joe

Perlino geldings. Frankie was born in 2019 and Joe was born in 2020. Due to their skin, these boys need to be in the shade during the day. 

Adoption Fee for this beautiful pair is $1100.

Vanilla Wildfire aka Nilla  ADOPTION PENDING

Mustang dun born 2003.

Nilla is a healthy mare and has been ridden quite a bit. 
She has a strict dietary rule: no feed high in sugars, no alfalfa, sweet feed, etc. 
She is low on the pecking order for food, but pair bonds to other horses quickly. 
She will get nervous if her herd-mates leave without her. 

Adoption Fee $550.


MCSO MASH UNIT HORSE - If you are interested in meeting and adopting Eugene, please call 602-876-1212 or email Officer Denney at the MASH unit  t_denney@mcso.maricopa.gov


Officer Denney can explain the adoption fee, process, and set up an appointment. Eugene– Possible Arabian

Eugene is a 1100 lb. 25-year stallion. We call him our gentle giant. Due to his age, he can be a companion only but he still loves to kick it up a little in the round pen. Eugene is a super friendly and lovable horse with no behavior issues. He walks great on a lead. Due to his teeth be worn down, he is fed soaked pellets. He is up to date on all vaccines and farrier care, and he gets routine veterinary care. He does great with the farrier and the vet.

Penny Mahogany Bay

Penny Mahogany is a young wild mare we rescued from auction in 2018. Her mother is Lyra/Lira. She has some ground work and she is a confident mare. She would require an experienced Natural Horsemanship Handler or an adopter with a Natural Horsemanship trainer. 

Adoption Fee $550.





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