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Thursday, January 20, 2022

01:00 PM  
Horse Safety & Grooming w/Mike QuietHawk 1 - 3 pm

Horse Safety and Grooming Class with Mike QuietHawk

MASKS REQUIRED - Must be N95 or KN95 Mask
Current Equine Volunteers Only
January 20, 2022 ~ 1 - 3 pm 
Meet at the covered patio at Wildhorse Ranch Rescue
Wear closed toe shoes or boots. 

Intro...Mike's Bio:

Equine Experience

1. 3-C's Always...Cool, Calm, Collective around all the horses ( Leave work, school, etc... at the Ranch entrance !

2. Trust and Respect is "Earned" between you and the horse alike. Be flexible while working around and or on them. They have good days and not so good days, just like us !!!
3. Bonding with a horse, is the making of an "Equal" friendship. (1 on 1) "Baby Steps"
One day at a time, they will love you back with your love to them.
4. No tying of any horse up...at the Ranch.
"Halter and Lead" only, working with all horses all the time !
1. How to approach a horse
a. Never be load or aggressive...
b. Call their name
c. Let them come to you (back of hand out) let them sniff you.
d. Walk up to them touching their withers, non aggressive to the horse. Except for a blind horse...touch their left shoulder 1st, then up to their withers.
2. Haltering/Leading a horse "Parelli" style halter.
a. How to halter a horse and adjust proper tension and spacing.
b. How to lead a horse in and out of a stall, with the horse turnaround facing you and the door. Same for Gates for turnouts and back into the barn and into a stall.
3. How to put a fly mask on and take it off, with proper adjustments tension and spacing.
a. Never...grab the ears and pull or squeeze hard, be very gentle to the touch.
b. Over the top of the head and down their face, except for the Nylon 1 piece...over the nose and up the face.
4. How to pickup and pick clean a horses hoof.
a. Never pick up their weighted legs...
b. Let the horse pick up and give you their foot.
c. Proper holding of hoof ( front and back )
d.Proper placement of your body.
e. Picking up Front legs by tendons or Acorn pinch
leg at a 90* at their side.
f. Picking up Back legs by tendons or Hock pinch leg extended out back even to their side.
g. White Sole cleaning
h. Frog cleaning deep grove to sole.
I. Putting down releasing their legs properly, back to the ground.
5. Grooming the horse Head to Hoof
1. How to brush the main and tail
2. How to brush the body
3. How to brush their legs
a. Curry brush
b. Body brush
c. Face brush
d. Comb
e. Hair Brush
6. Cleaning their Face
a. Eyes
b. Face
c. Ears ( outside only )
d. Nose

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