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Drake Louks - I/T and PR Manager 
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Drake and Sir Carlton III

NAU Graduate is Changing the Game for Small Businesses
by Zachary S. Valladon       zach@zachvalladon.com

Drake Louks, a recent Northern Arizona University Honors Graduate, is on his way to becoming a big name in the world of small business.

In the dynamic digital era that we live in, small business owners and employees are in an ever-growing battle with technological advancement. Are they against progress? Not quite – but with every shift in the digital world, small business owners are struggling to keep up.

That’s where Louks comes in. As an IT and Public Administration professional, he understands the ins and outs of the digital world and the way it  directly impacts businesses on a local and national level.

The reality is that small businesses are just what they sound like…small! It’s a no brainer that any brand needs to be up to speed with modernistic digital representation in order to experience success, but it’s not cheap or easy to come by.

“[Small Businesses] can’t afford a full time IT Techncian,” says Louks. “And honestly, some of the rates I’ve seen out there are just ridiculous.”

In order to be accessible to the small business world in terms of both price and availability, Louks knew that he had to establish a brand that would cater to it.

“I’m not doing this to get rich,” adds Louks. “I have rates they can afford, and services to help them.”

In fact, this helpful characteristic is pretty much what defines Louks as a businessman. A quick trip around his corner of the internet is indicative of his nature.

Aside from smart business practice, Drake Louks excels in humanity and humility. It’s clear that he’s designing his company, Arizona Tech Advisors, around accessibility and affordability rather than profit.

Specifically, Arizona Tech Advisors is offering computer repair and web design services at affordable prices that are accessible to businesses on a tighter budget. It’s not particularly radical, but it is revolutionary in its own way.

When he’s not seeking to make life easier for Small Business owners, Louks is probably busy volunteering his time as an IT and PR manager for a WildHorse Ranch Rescue, or hanging out with his “fur baby”, Sir Carlton III – a dog that he rescued from Second Chance Shelter for Animals in Flagstaff.

If you want to find out more about Drake Louks and what he does, there’s quite a few places you can learn more about him on the web. His personal website is located at www.drakeslife.com and his new company can be found on www.arizonatechadvisors.com. 
To reach him at Wildhorse Ranch Rescue, his email is itmgr@whrr.org

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