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Ghar, a handsome 37 year was an OTTB Race Horse that we rescued in 2013, was in desperate need of medical attention.  Our volunteers loved to work with him- he earned so many nicknames over the years: "Uncle Ghar" because of his gentle nature with the younger horses, "Gentleman Ghar" because of his dapper looks and good manners and "Ghar Ghar" just because he was so darn adorable we loved to say his name twice. 
Ghar met the love of his life Maddie (a Quarter Horse /former Broodmare Rescue at the ranch).  These two immediately pair bonded and decided to "make it official." They were married at the ranch 2 years ago in February. 
Ghar made such an impact on all of us and we wanted his memory to live on. We've created a GHARdian Angel Fund where everyone can become a GHARdian Angel.   Those donations (in memory of Ghar) will be used to take care of his sweet Maddie and her health needs.  We are also hoping that his fund could grow into something larger someday, perhaps assist with Equine Cushing's Disease or a Scholarship for a future Equine Vet or Vet Tech. 
Join us in celebrating our time with Ghar.  He left us with so many wonderful and silly memories that will last us forever.  It was an honor for us all to care for him. 
Click on Ghar's Handsome Face Below to become a GHARdian Angel.
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