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Ways to help Wildhorse Ranch Rescue

P.O. Box 3080 Gilbert, AZ 85299-3080 (866) 926-8007

Cruise through this list of ways to help horses from United Way donations to fun gifts you may purchase for your friends and family!

Our United Way Code is 1747
for Wildhorse Ranch Rescue








Hey Baby Wanna Muck?
shirts and products make great gifts. 20% goes to Wildhorse Ranch Rescue




"We Don't Eat Our Horses Here" tm 

t-shirts and products let the world know that you don't approve of our
American horses being killed for human consumption overseas.
20% goes to
Wildhorse Ranch Rescue.



"Old Horsewoman"
Poem gifts and products features the poem and picture of
Lady,  Wildhorse Ranch Rescue's mascot
and Kimberly Meagher, Wildhorse Ranch Rescue's Founder.
20% of each purchase goes to Wildhorse Ranch Rescue. 

The "Old Horsewoman's" poem



Shop for products and gifts at the Wildhorse Store.

20% of the proceeds go to Wildhorse Ranch Rescue.


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501c3 charity
Mailing Address: PO Box 3080 Gilbert, AZ 85299-3080
Physical Address: 11811 S Lindsay Road Gilbert, AZ 85296
Phone: (866) 926-8007