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Rhona Melsky

Rhona Melsky - Advisory Board Member with Chip


Born and raised in New York City, Rhona Melsky is a long-time journalist, writer/editor, photographer, and singer whose family moved to Scottsdale when she was a young teen. After high school she moved back to New York City to attend college and then began a career there as a journalist working for various magazines and community newspapers. She and her husband, fellow WHRR advisory board member Roger Cardillo, moved to Arizona in 2003 for family reasons and soon after began their affiliation with Wildhorse Ranch Rescue. Originally sent to the rescue to write a story, Rhona’s life was changed by the incredible stories of the organization and its equine residents. Rhona and Roger moved back home to the East Coast in 2017, but continue as advisory board members for Wildhorse, which is an integral part of their lives. A lifelong animal lover, she is vegan and has been an animal advocate and rescuer for more than 16 years. She previously wrote animal stories for The Dodo as a staff writer and currently writes freelance dog rescue stories for Rover.com. She is the proud pet parent of three senior rescue dogs: Desi, a poodle mix; Oliver, a border collie; and Malcolm, a German shepherd who saved the family by alerting them to a smoke-filled kitchen and later received a hero medal for it.

Rhona Melsky and Chief - Chief was 37 years old in this picture

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