Why Mudpony?

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Why did Wildhorse Ranch Rescue select the name Mudpony™ for our Website name?

Well, Mudpony is a lot easier to remember than "Wildhorse Ranch Rescue.com"  But if you type that in, you'll find us.

Does Mudpony stand for something? 

Wildhorse Ranch Rescue used to have its horses make T-Shirts that were called the Mudpony T-shirts. They were made by putting a new WHITE t-shirt in the horse's stall for about 3 weeks. The horse would stand on the shirt during feeding times and the mud would turn the t-shirt a nice golden color. In case you are wondering, the shirt was put near the horse's food so the "mud" isn't what you were thinking of just a few minutes ago. The two horses that made our t-shirts were particular about keeping their food and bathroom area separate.

After the shirt was 'done,' we would have our logo embroidered on it and the horse would 'sign' the shirt with his/her hoof dipped in gold paint. Some earlier shirts were  made without the horse's hoof signature.

Since our shirts were made by mud and by horses, we dubbed them the Mudpony Shirts and  mudpony.com became our URL for selling shirts.

Do you still sell Mudpony Shirts?

No, because Dunny started putting holes in all of them. We ended up throwing away more shirts than we were selling. So, Mudpony Shirts ™ are now collectors items. In fact, there is only one long sleeve Mudpony T-shirt in the world. It was a custom order.


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