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Roger Cardillo

Roger Cardillo was born and raised in New Jersey. His first dog was a dachshund name Phillip who he adored. It was not until later in life after he got married that he got another dog. He and his wife, advisory board member Rhona Melsky, got Lucy, who was their first dog together as a couple. But it was when he joined his wife to interview Kim Meagher for a story that he got involved with rescue work and animal advocacy. He came that day in June 2003 to take the photographs and never looked back. Roger has a masters in special education and lived and worked in Arizona for 14 years. He and his wife moved back home to the East Coast in 2017. He teaches special education in Bayonne, NJ. He is also an accomplished drummer and has been teaching drums and music theory for 16 years. While a volunteer board member at Wildhorse he was on many teams and also helped with the dogs that came to the ranch. He continues in his role as advisory board member. He and his wife have three senior rescue dogs: Desi, a poodle mix; Oliver, a border collie; and Malcolm, a German shepherd who alerted the family to a smoke-filled kitchen and received a hero medal for it.

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