May 11, 2020 @ 9:50 PM

We were so elated when Gus came home from the hospital after a long week of intensive care! It was touch and go for this precious baby! Such an emotional moment. Deb, one of our Directors, and one of the amazing people who helped bring the babies home, was overcome with thankfulness that Gus was okay. 

Photo courtesy of Barbara Sullivan Photography

Baby Jack was so happy to have his brother back. The boys played and whinnied. But Jack was limping badly during play. We hoped it was just him being active, but the next day, it was even worse. We called Arizona Equine. Dr. Taylor came out to look at him (on a weekend). He examined Jack and re-wrapped his leg. It was determined that Jack needed to go back to the hospital. On Sunday night, Mother's Day, Laurie, our Herd Health Director, and Marisa, took Jack back to the hospital. 


Dr. Taylor takes Jack from Laurie when they arrive at the hospital. 

Jack gets set up in his Hospital Stall on Mother's Day evening. He seems so tiny and vulnerable. 

The incredible Veterinary Team and Doctors put Jack on an IV, ran tests and also did an X-Ray. They found that Jack has a fracture in his leg. They also sent the test results to the lab to find out if Jack has an infection that is trying to get to the bone. 


Incredibly, Jack was able to come home so we could care for him while we wait for more results!


Well, that was the update until just now!
Jack is being rushed to the hospital with Acute Colic! 



Jack is back in the hospital tonight. We will update everyone as we have more information.