January 20, 2021 @ 10:44 PM

Hi Everyone! It's Kim, Founder of Wildhorse Ranch Rescue! 
January is very special for me as I share a birthday month with Rescue and Sanctuary Horse Frankie "Blue Eyes" Casper. Frankie is turning 3 this year. Born with a cleft palate, a hernia and some blindness, Frankie had a rough start to life. Thanks to our wonderful Volunteers, Donors and Sponsors, we were able to raise enough funds for Frankie to have all his surgeries.  
This year, for our birthdays, in lieu of cards or gifts, Frankie and I would like to raise money to help Rescue Animals like Frankie get the Veterinary care they need to live happy and healthy lives. Please consider donating to Wildhorse. With much love, Kim and Frankie  Donate HERE or Click on Frankie's Picture.