June 1, 2020 @ 9:49 PM

"Wild at Heart"
Today, Wildhorse had the incredible honor to host Lisa Groves, her husband Paul, and daughter Maddy. Lisa’s mother, Andrea Mary Groves, was a Wildhorse Volunteer who passed away suddenly. Lisa’s father David, would drive her mother to her Volunteer Shift and lovingly looked on as she helped take care of our Wildhorse Animal Family.
Lisa and her family honored her parents' memory today by hanging a memorial plaque on our Welcome Cottage. While Lisa and her family had the entire ranch to choose the perfect spot to hang the memorial, they settled on the Welcome Cottage. This small building is at the forefront of the ranch and we couldn’t agree more with their choice. The Welcome Cottage is the first structure visitors and volunteers see as they enter Wildhorse. Each time someone passes by, they will see this sweet memory and will be reminded of the dedication Andrea had to Wildhorse.
Lisa also raised almost $2000 in her mother’s memory and has donated that to our Wildhorse Animal Family.
It was a heartfelt day on the ranch, we were so grateful for our Volunteers who came together to honor a member of our Wildhorse Family. Thank you so much to Lisa, Paul and Maddy for your generosity and allowing us to share the memory of Andrea and David.