August 10, 2020 @ 2:01 PM

Over the past 25 years we've had a number of Sanctuary Animals that come to Wildhorse and live their lives amongst the care and love of the Volunteers on the Ranch.  The Sanctuary Animal usually has a condition that requires ongoing medical care or has a special quirk that makes them less likely to be adoptable. These animals live with us the remainder of their years or their entire lives.  They become anchors to the ranch and develop long standing relationships with all of us. 

As each one let's us know that the earthly burden of living is enough for them and we are presented with and make tough, but humane decisions, we lose these "anchors" and are left with a physical void, but a heart full of wonderful memories and the opportunity we had to save them from unfortunate circumstances. These magnificent creatures allow us to give them care, nourishment and the love that they so deserve. 

Magdalena aka "Maddie" was one of those anchors. 

Maddie came to us in 2005, after being bred at least 9 times as far as we know in her 12 years of life as a Broodmare.  A stunning, dark Quarter horse, Maddie was sweet but guarded.  Due to her past of just being a source for babies, she didn't get the love and care that she so deserved. 

That all changed when we rescued her from anunfortunate life and brought her to Wildhorse where she became a "Sanctuary Animal. " 

Maddie no longer had the stress of being a Broodmare and could now live a life with Volunteers and other animals that loved her.  It was here that she met and pair bonded with Ghar and the two went on to have 6 years together until Ghar's passing earlier this year.  They officially "tied the knot" in February in 2018.

Maddie suffered from arthritis and hoof issues as well as Anhidrosis which is an inability to sweat.  Arizona summers were always challenging for us all as we would try to find new and creative solutions to keep her cool.  We were so grateful this year that along with Donors and Volunteers, we were able to give Maddie her own air conditioned space which we affectionately called "Maddie's Apartment."

She absolutely loved her personal air conditionerand we loved watching her peek her head out of her stall here and there to check on things at the ranch or the status of her breakfast and dinner.  She would spend evenings in the outdoor space when the sun went down. 

Saying goodbye to such a horse as Maddie, one who has been with us over 15 years has hit us all very hard.  We all have comfort knowing that she is relieved from her pain, has been reunited with her sweetheart Ghar and that together they are galloping in the greenest fields one can imagine. 

We invite you to visit our website at to become a GHARdian Angel and help us continue to keep saving animals like Maddie and Ghar as well as support other Sanctuary Animals like them. With your help their memories and legacy can live on through others that so need the care that they once did.